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Claimed to be from the Sanskrit word yoddha meaning “warrior” or the Hebrew word yodea meaning “one who knows”.

Thank you for your interest in this content of which some may already be familiar with and for some this may be the your first exposure. For Myself there has never been a limitation of possibilities due to the lack of a conditioned belief system for as long as I can remember I never felt anything was right I questioned everything and nothing in this world seemed to make any sense, in other words I wasn’t fully buying into their stories. This content is not meant for anyone to believe in anything it is simply information that I have personal interest and I am sharing it bring to forth the awareness of possibilities which has helped myself make more sense of the world, the Universe and ultimately Myself. Many of us spend so much time being distracted which when one awakens can clearly see that all this stuff going on outside of ourselves is designed to keep us blind of many truth’s in many ways. With the advent of internet there has been so much available to learn which is being shared yes we should be discerning with the info which also means it cannot be dismissed for not one person knows everything nor does one person know the possibilities of everything, with that said everything is merely conjecture unless one has first hand experience of a subject.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“You don’t have a soul. You are a soul; you have a body.”

We are all at different points of our journey (awakening). As of this writing my current point of realization Consciousness and Awareness are expanding at an accelerated rate, as it is for many others which I have met as well of those whom I know. There is so much more to everything. The most beautiful discoveries I could have ever imagined, I am looking forward to Infinite possibilities and moving forward without fear.

Empowering others to open up the Heart and release the Mind, recognizing that everything is merely conjecture unless one has had a personal experience of something. I do not know the truth of any of this information or anything whatsoever, I only perceive from personal experience. I agree with Albert Einsteins qoute “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” What I do know is that there is way more to what many are currently aware of and that number is growing exponentially by the seconds. I like to think of the word History as “His Story”. in that nearly everything we have been taught from the past has been altered by man in some way for whatever reasons. I perceive in the deepest sense that we all have our own realities so I cannot doubt a personal experience another being may have, especially within this ocean of infinite possibilities. Therefore, I have learned to discern for one self all the information available and open up to all the possibilities which may exist within this world and beyond. Many beings either choose to suppress or ignore out of fear or that certain information challenges a conditioned belief system. Henceforth, try to view the following information without judgement and condemnation, all it is, is “Information” it is neither good nor bad, one makes it so by implying judgement therefore creating a belief system which a belief has no basis formed from knowledge it is only an opinion.


believe |bəˈlēv| verb

1 accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of: the superintendent believed Lancaster’s story | [ with clause ] : Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead.
• accept the statement of (someone) as true: he didn’t believe her or didn’t want to know.
• [ no obj. ] have faith, especially religious faith: there are those on the fringes of the Church who do not really believe.
• (believe something of someone) feel sure that (someone) is capable of a particular action: I wouldn’t have believed it of Lois—what an extraordinary woman!
2 [ with clause ] hold (something) as an opinion; think or suppose: I believe we’ve already met | things were not as bad as the experts believed | humu-humu are, I believe, shrimp fritters | (believe someone/something to be) : four men were believed to be trapped.

perceive |pərˈsēv| verb

1 become aware or conscious of (something); come to realize or understand: his mouth fell open as he perceived the truth | [ with clause ] : he was quick to perceive that there was little future in such arguments.
• become aware of (something) by the use of one of the senses, especially that of sight: he perceived the faintest of flushes creeping up her neck.
2 interpret or look on (someone or something) in a particular way; regard as: if Guy does not perceive himself as disabled, nobody else should | [ with obj. and infinitive ] : some geographers perceive hydrology to be a separate field of scientific inquiry.



mystical |ˈmistikəl| adjective
1 of or relating to mystics or religious mysticism: the mystical experience.
• spiritually allegorical or symbolic; transcending human understanding: the mystical body of Christ.
• of or relating to ancient religious mysteries or other occult or esoteric rites: the mystical practices of the Pythagoreans.
• of hidden or esoteric meaning: a geometric figure of mystical significance.
2 inspiring a sense of spiritual mystery, awe, and fascination: the mystical forces of nature.
• concerned with the soul or the spirit, rather than with material things: the beliefs of a more mystical age.


Ancient Knowledge

For those who are new to this information I would like to support you on this path of Awareness and remind whom of which are seeking to remain open minded with a loving Heart. I have numbered the videos below to help guide the understanding since I have watched them more than once and I am aware of the content to be shared. I am personally drawn to knowledge, the ways of the Universe and Self discovery as many others and obviously yourself are, hence your reading these words. I will agree that we cannot take everything we see online as truth: however, we cannot dismiss them either. We can only base true knowledge on personal experiences and hard evidence and some common sense which at times is not so common due to social conditioning. We must try to stay outside the box also described as conditioning or programming created around us from birth and more so as we subscribe unconsciously to the agendas set forth through all forms of Media.


Sacred Geometry

When I first discovered Sacred Geometry I was very intrigued as many others are. Later on my journey I came across the works of Drunvalo Melchizedek. I read two of his books as seen below titled “the Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life”. Anyone interested in delving deeper into the meaning of this pattern I highly recommend these books. Drunvalo goes into much detail on the topic and He derives a compelling understanding on the process of all creation and how the Universe moves through the cycles of what we consider to be time. He also shares his personal experiences on how he was gifted and guided from Thoth to bring forth this information. Some may find the content be too technical to comprehend.

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Flower Of Life Flower Of Life

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Platonic Solids Platonic Solids



A Vehicle of Ascension By Drunvalo

Merkaba - Tetragrammaton - Star Tetrahedron Merkaba – Tetragrammaton – Star Tetrahedron

Tetragrammaton |ˌtetrəˈɡraməˌtän| noun
the Hebrew name of God transliterated in four letters as YHWH or JHVH and articulated as Yahweh or Jehovah.


Mysteries of the Hebrew Alphabet

There is some very interesting information available about the Hebrew Alphabet. Apparently, if one were to take a particular cross-section of a Tube Torus and cast light upon that form at certain angles the shadows will create the images matching the letters of the entire Hebrew Alphabet. Stan Tenen with the Meru Foundation has done some extensive research on this topic as seen below.

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Tube Torus/Meru cross section Tube Torus/Meru cross section


Altered His-story

If one were to read a book and later find out that there were missing pages, chapters and the characters were portrayed differently from the original story which may challenge a current belief system which was derived from the original story. Would one be able to accept the new story?

As Consciousness is expanding updated information of the history of Jesus and Mary Magdalene is coming forth. Many beings continue to have very personal experiences eluding to the fact that there is much more to the original stories. For those with an open Mind and Heart who are curious and intrigued enough to explore. Here are some interesting interviews which connect some dots and may answer some questions.


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On The Book

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Jesus the Yogi

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Mary Magdalene The Apostle Of Apostles

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13 Crystal Skulls

There is a theory about 13 Crystal Skulls, It is an interesting theory. I had the pleasure to meet with one of the apparent 13.

Einstein “The Skull of Consciousness” is a 33 pound crystal skull in Sedona Arizona whose Guardian is Carolyn Ford. The Ancient Aliens documentary of the Crystal Skulls Season 6 Episode 2 can be seen here on the History Channel or on YouTube. There are also several books on the topic. the one I am looking forward to reading is “The Crystal Skulls” by David H Childress as seen below.


Carolyn and Einstein Carolyn and Einstein

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Cern – D Wave and the Mandela Effect

This is a very interesting topic that may be a reality or a really well manipulated mind maze, either way if one were to do more research into what CERN (LHC) and D-Wave Quantum computers may have done and what they could be doing may raise some questions about many things. Some say what they have done so far may be causing what is known as the Mandela Effect. If one chooses to explore this information try not to let it promote fear or doubt.

More info related to this topic is found here at: Mandelaeffect.com

Cern LHC Cern LHC One example of many of the Mandela Effects One example of many of the Mandela Effects


Crystals & Gemstones

piezoelectricity |pēˌāzōˌəlekˈtrisədēpīˌēzōˌəlekˈtrisədē| noun
electric polarization in a substance (especially certain crystals) resulting from the application of mechanical stress.
Piezoelectric substances are able to convert mechanical signals (such as sound waves) into electrical signals, and vice versa. They are therefore widely used in microphones, phonograph pickups, and earphones, and also to generate a spark for igniting gas.

Quartz Crystals: Science or Magic?


Crystals: more than meets the eye

Crystal Grid Maker

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Learn more about Crystals from Hibiscuss Moon.

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I was not until my experiences with seeing number patterns beyond what I began to consider a normal everyday occurrence, those of us who are open to accepting these numbers as gifts realize that there is something more to them. Immediately I decided to dig deeper into Numerology and found the link below which assisted me into a deeper understanding of the numbers and their meanings. They are always there it is not until one begins to awaken will they be noticed. It is a time code in the fabric of the Universe sending messages letting us know how we are doing on our journey like guides from GOD, the Heavens, Angels, Spirit, The Creator or Source whatever name one chooses. Many have been conditioned to believe that these things are of a negative aspect which I cannot seem to grasp when all of the beings I personally know who see and experience the same things are beautiful amazing beings doing great work healing and supporting others in their Awakening process. they are filled with Love and Compassion. On the other hand it is quite obvious those whom unbeknownst to themselves are exuding fear and limiting the Human experience due to a conditioned belief system. Which if one contemplates the ways of the world will merely realize this information has been suppressed and socially engineered buy certain organizations to limit and suppress the awakening of the mass conciousness.

Link to: Sacred Scribes Angel Numbers

Here are some Informative links into the Metaphysical which I have used as reference:


Entering the 5th Dimension


For those interested in this subject and have not already been introduced to the energetic transmissions of Matt Kahn found here at True Divine Nature. Matt has recently released his first book titled “Whatever Arises Love That”.

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The Law of One

“I am Ra. The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator.” (from session 4)

The Law of One books were channeled by L/L Research (Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty) between 1981 and 1984. The books (there are five) can be purchased from L/L Research’s online store or freely downloaded from their library. This site includes all of the questions and answers from the books, as well as about 60 more questions and answers that were discovered in the Relistening Project.

Read the complete Law of One channeling here.


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 Reincarnated Souls

Those with limited and conditioned belief systems have a very difficult time accepting this concept. Those who are not aware of this possibility are generally not familiar of those who have personal experiences that would suggest supposed reincarnation. Going forward I will introduced some examples of possible evidence of reincarnation which seem compelling.

Below one will find examples of suggested reincarnations and other links suggesting other possible cases and understandings into how reincarnations occur.

David Wilcock – Edward Cayce

Davids Wilcock’s website and story can be found here at:

Divine Cosmos

Left: E Cayce - Right: D Wilcock Left: E Cayce – Right: D Wilcock

It is not only the image that suggests Wilcock’s reincarnation as Cayce but the strikingly similar capabilities he possesses. Here are Wilcock’s NYT best sellers books which are great reads into the understandings of many topics with hundreds of references. Wilcock is working with Gaia TV (Cosmic Disclosure) and Corey Goode a whistle blower more found here at: Sphere Being Alliance who is bringing forth information into Disclosure of the secret space programs and non-terrestrial beings.

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Patrick Flanagan – Nicola Tesla

Patrick Flanagan’s story and website can be found here at:


Article on Flanagan – Tesla

Suggested insights into understanding reincarnation.


20 Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation

The Visionary Art of Alex Grey

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