“Satchidanandaaya Namaha”

-Salutations to the One Who is Existence-Conciousness-Bliss-

One interpretation of the word Rishi is said to have derived from an obscure Sanskrit root meaning “to see”. The Rishis were the great seers of divine awareness (seers of thoughts) divine beings, ones who merged with the Supreme Consciousness the infinite all pervading Absolute. They referred to themselves as mantra drashtas the “seers of the mantras.” To preserve the culture their infinite wisdom was passed on through generations by the seers impeccable memories. Rishi’s were the seers and hearers of the Vedic hymns said to come from the mouth of Brahma (Supreme Being, The Absolute). Poets and singers of the sacred hymns, the Rishis were also the recorders of this ancient wisdom dating back centuries ago, wisdom which parallels what modern Science, Medicine, Astronomy and Quantum physics have only recently discovered. Prior to concepts of religion, They were the way showers of Sanatana Dharma (Universal Being). Sanatana Dharma is what is known today as Hinduism. Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) from conception is open to all sentient beings.

Sanatana Dharma “the natural, ancient and eternal way.” began in the Gangetic plains in prehistoric times, a time when the world knew no concepts of any religion nor as a word.

It is known that Vayu, Angitras Agni, and Aditya were the first of the seers to be revealed the divine knowledge. Though little is known of them they were the scribes of the ancient Vedas the early Aryans of India. Preserved by oral tradition, the four chief collections are the Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda, and Atharva Veda by the great sage Vyasa. The Vedas are said to be the most authoritative ancient sacred scriptures. The Vedas are fundamentally believed to be eternal (sanatana) and not composed by any human being (apaurusheya).

The Creator is perfect,

He possesses perfect power,

Whence is created perfect Nature.

The perfect universe derives life

From the perfect creator.

Let us comprehend this perfect power

That bestows life on all beings.