The Rose! Exposed to the one who can truly see. A divine expression of consciousness unfolding in form, awakening to itself through itself, spiritually, reflecting , beautifully enveloped within itself, peacefully, unfolding, openness, flowering, beauty, fragrance, perfume.

~ Awakening Divine Expression



When I contemplate the rose, and reflect on its meaning, I cannot help but notice two things. Firstly, I see the various folds of the petals, signifying the unfolding of our consciousness, the flourishing of our hearts and minds as we progress on the spiritual path.

Yet I also contemplate the stalk on which the flower sits. I look at the thorns and understand the difficulties on the path of our evolution. I see that situations can be prickly – there can be fear, there can be pain, but the beauty of the rose lays at the end of it all.

In the end there is the most beautiful experience that one can conceive  – there is enlightenment.

~ Laura K. "The Rose - Reflections on its meaning" -



O Stream of consciousness divine,

These offerings are presented to you with adoration.

May you acknowledge and accept our praises,

And place us under your kind care,

May we ever take your shelter,

As a traveler takes refuge under a tree.