Yantra wisdom

The Sri Yantra or Sri Chakra is said to be the mother of all Yantras, the one which all Yantras derive from. The Sri Yantra represents the Microcosm and the Human Form. Each part of this Yantra has a specific meaning and reference to the unfolding of spirituality the awakening or enlightenment from personal (Ego Consciousness) to impersonal (Pure Consciousness).
The optimal Sri Yantra is the configuration that is considered to be the closest to the original figure. See the article here for more information.
After an in depth mathematical investigation by the Sri Yantra research center. An optimal Sri Yantra must satisfy all of these three caracteristics:

1. Concentricity:  The center of the innermost triangle and the enclosing circle coincide.

2. Concurrency:   All triple nodes meet at one point.

3. Equilaterality:  The innermost triangle is equilateral.

~ Sri Yantra Research Center



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